Cathy and Mike Wachtel

Robyn Palmer-Butler
February 2, 2017

Cathy and Mike Wachtel

Christopher Poulos is truly a people person as well as a great attorney. He cares about the families and the people with special needs that come to him for legal advice and help.

Since he has a son with special needs too, he understands what it’s like to be a parent of someone with special needs. He cares about the people with special needs too. We got Limited Conservatorship for our son Michael back in 2002. After it was all over and we walked out of the courtroom, Christopher gave all of us a high five, including our son Michael!!! It was a great day for all of us!!!

Over the years, I have asked Christopher to come present at a few different events regarding special needs to talk about various topics that he does in his practice. He has graciously accepted and free of charge!!!

I have also contacted him with various questions regarding Limited Conservatorship for our son over the years also. One concern I had about his adult program he told me, “No, you can’t really expect them to do that, Michael still has the legal right to have friends and associate with others without giving you a written schedule to everywhere they go”.

Another time something came up and I was told, no he legally can’t sign any documents, tell them he can’t do that when they tried to have him sign some paperwork instead of asking me. Then most recently I asked Christopher a question about a proof of disability form from husband’s job since their new insurance company is out of state. I was told the forms are fine and explained why, go ahead and have it completed by the doctor here in CA and we did. After a little more leg work on our end our son is now being added to the policy.

We were referred to Christopher Poulos by two other families with sons with special needs and we are so glad they did. I have given Christopher’s name to a few other families as well.