About Us

Christopher A. Poulos has been representing families throughout Southern California for over 25 years, focusing his practice on the rights of persons with disabilities and their families. Christopher is a proud father of a son with special needs. As an attorney and a father, Christopher took on the role of advocate for his son and has continued to protect, support and advocate for his son. Christopher has developed this unique practice because of his personal experiences. Having a child with special needs has driven Christopher to help others find their way through the maze of various government agencies and court proceedings involving their loved one with a disability. Through his experience in this specialized area of law, he has not only fought for the rights of his son, but takes great satisfaction in fighting for the rights of his clients and their loved ones with special needs.

Christopher believes that his clients should be active partners in the legal process, by learning and gaining knowledge so they can be better equipped in their roles, responsibilities and duties. His goal is for his clients to become stronger advocates for their loved ones with their increased knowledge.

The need for an attorney with special knowledge with the service delivery system for persons with developmental disabilities is more important now than ever. With government cutbacks and always changing legislation, families will have less money and services available to them and will have to become stronger advocates. Reliance on family will increase and so will the need for future planning. As families face these special situations, we can offer our knowledge, experience, resources and advocacy to help families solve the serious problems they face for their loved one with special needs.
Christopher is also very actively involved in Disability Advocacy Organizations. He is past President of ARC California and a past board member of the ARC United States. He is currently involved with multiple parent support groups and advocacy groups. He has been a featured speaker at several Disabilities Organizations National Conventions as well as many Disabilities Organizations local and State meetings. If you wish for Christopher to come and speak to your parent group regarding any of these issues, please contact us.