About Our Practice

Christopher A. Poulos and Family

Who We Are

Christopher A. Poulos is an attorney who practices law in the City of West Covina. Representing families throughout the Southland, Christopher’s practice focuses on the rights of persons with developmental disabilities and their families. Christopher has developed this unique practice because he has a son with Cerebral Palsy and developmental delay. Through his experience in this specialized area of law, he assists families through the maze of various government agencies and court proceedings involving their loved one with a disability.

Christopher believes that his clients should be active partners in the legal process, by learning their roles, responsibilities and duties, and by becoming stronger advocates with their increased knowledge.

The need for an attorney with special knowledge with the service delivery system for persons with developmental disabilities is more important now than ever. With government cutbacks, and always changing legislation, this means that families will have less money and services available and will have to become stronger advocates. Reliance on family will increase and so will the need for future planning. As families face these special situations, we can offer our knowledge, experience, resources and advocacy to help families solve serious problems they face for their loved one with special needs.

Christopher is also very actively involved in Disability Organizations. He is past Vice President of ARC California and a past board member of the ARC of the United States. He has been a featured speaker at several National Conventions as well as many local and State meetings. If you wish for Christopher to come and speak to your parent group regarding any of these issues, please contact us.

What We Do

The Law Office of Christopher A. Poulos can assist you in all types of Conservatorships. We focus our practice in assisting families in Limited Conservatorships where the person needing to be conserved has developmental disabilities. We teach families how to assist the individual with disabilities towards maximum self-reliance with assistance when necessary. We assist families when there is a Conservatorship Estate, and Accounting issues.

Families wishing to adopt a child or wishing to care for a child who is not their own, need assistance through the legal process. We can help families in arranging for Temporary Guardianships and Guardianships up to adoption procedures.

Probate Petitions
The Law Office of Christopher A. Poulos can assist you in any type of Probate Petition from probating of an estate to various trust petitions. Our focus is to help keep the individual with disabilities eligible for any government assistance that they may be entitled to.

Court Ordered Special Needs Trust
Along with Conservatorship Estates, sometimes an individual becomes disabled as a result of a malpractice or negligence lawsuit. If these monies are in a blocked account or in a Conservatorship Estate, we can assist you in applying to the court for a court ordered Special Needs Trust to place the blocked account or structured settlement in a Special Needs Trust so that government benefits may be available.

Christopher A. Poulos can assist in the planning, application process, and appeal process for Supplemental Security Income appeals.

Estate Planning
We can assist you in your future planning utilizing the Special Needs Trust as a primary tool for supplemental benefits, as well as providing for future housing for the person with a disability. The estate plan includes all legal documents that a family may need and is tailored to suit your family's needs, wishes, and desires.

Administrative Hearings
Many times families find themselves in disagreement with their Regional Center whether in regards to benefits that they are entitled to or in regards to housing situations. We can assist the family through the Fair Hearing/Administrative Hearing process. We can also assist the family in other Administrative Hearings or appeals such as HOP hearings, Writs, and Special Education Hearings.

Personal Injury We can assist families in obtaining settlements whenever there is an individual with a disability who was injured. Care must be taken so that the personal injury proceeds do not go into the name of the individual so as to lose eligibility for important government benefits.

Residential Issues
If there are issues and difficulties, some legal advice may be necessary. You can also consult with us for residential independent and supported living options.

You Know You Need A Lawyer When...

  • Your instincts tell you
  • Someone tells you - you need a lawyer
  • There is an attorney on the opposite side
  • There's an upcoming hearing
  • Your problems are not resolved
  • Unable to advocate yourself effectively
  • Need advice
  • Have a need for future planning
  • Disagree with an agency decision
  • Getting the runaround from the court or other government agency